CA Minutes – April 16, 2014

Clarendon Alliance

Board of Directors Meeting

April 16, 2014

Present:  Mark Fedorchak, Bill Gearhart,  Debbie Kaplan, Khalil Minor, Tom Petty, Adam Thocher, Bill Trahant, Peter Wilson, and Julie Zalkind; also present, Executive Director Matt Hussmann.

Not present:  Michael Giles, Jon Hoffmeyer, Diane Jamison, Jon Kinney, Paul LeValley.

The meeting was held in the Alliance office at 1039 North 11th Street and was called to order by Board President Adam Thocher at 6:30 pm, with a quorum present.

The minutes of the Board meeting of March 25, 2014, were approved as presented.  Minutes of the January 29, 2014, Annual Meeting were also approved as drafted by Matt Hussmann and amended by Bill Gearhart.

Treasurer’s report.  Peter Wilson circulated a spread sheet showing Alliance income and expenditures to date.  Some discussion followed regarding where the Alliance is on dues at this point in the fiscal year, which ends June 30.  Mr. Wilson said that he was working with Mr. Hussmann on materials to encourage new members.

Executive Director’s report.  Mr. Hussmann noted that the next community mixer would be held at La Tagliatelle restaurant on May 7.  He said that the event would be similar to the event held at Burke & Herbert Bank in January.  He will send out invitations shortly.  Mr. Hussmann then proceeded to update the board on developments regarding the Spark Market.  He noted receipt of a letter of support from Lyon Village as well as from the Silver Diner and other businesses and organizations.  He noted the progress to date on the use permit for the market and also that vendors had already signed up for 20 of the 35 slots.  He noted that Jessica Blazik, an artist with long experience in running markets, would run the Clarendon market.  He also updated the board on the planning for the June arts market on Highland Street.

Mr. Hussmann updated the Board on the status of the Alliance’s office, noting that the favorable rental terms for our lease end at the end of August, after which the rent will rise significantly.  He noted that our landlord, Saul Centers, has another tenant lined up for our space if we decide to vacate, and that the tenant would like to get in early if possible.  Mr. Hussmann also indicated that Pacers, which currently sublets part of the Alliance’s office space, has a place to go beginning in late May, even though it has an obligation to the Alliance under the sublease that runs until the end of August.  Mr. Hussmann said that he was looking at other possible spaces for the Alliance, but also noted that rents in Clarendon are high and that there were few vacancies.  In discussion it was agreed that we should be looking towards vacating by the end of May, and that Mr. Hussmann should continue to explore options.

Mr. Hussmann also reminded the board of the strategic planning meeting/retreat with facilitator Richard Brewster on May 10, 1 to 5 pm., at the ARTEC conference room on North Danville St.

Pub crawl.  Mr. Thocher noted that a community meeting involving Clarendon business interests, the neighborhood civic associations, County staff (including the police), and the organizers of the March 15 pub crawl (which attracted over 5,000 attendees and resulted in considerable police overtime and about 40 arrests) would be held on April 30 at Key School.  He said that the meeting would be run by the deputy County Manager and that the purpose of the meeting was to bring people together, lay out the facts, gauge community sentiment, and explore ideas on how to address future events.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted:


Bill Gearhart