CA Minutes — January 21, 2015 (Annual Meeting Minutes)

Minutes of the Annual Meeting


Clarendon Alliance, Inc. Annual Meeting

American Tap Room

3101 Wilson Blvd

Arlington, VA 22201


January 21, 2015


  1. After determining that a quorum was present in all voting classes, the Annual Meeting of Clarendon Alliance, Inc. was called to order at 6:45 pm by Board President Adam Thocher.
  2. Executive Director Matt Hussmann welcomed the assembled members and guests, and thanked American Tap Room for their service. He asked if all voting members had received ballots, and outlined the election rules. He then introduced Board President Adam Thocher, and invited him to say a few words of welcome.
  3. Following the Board President’s remarks, Mr. Hussmann introduced the Annual Meeting’s Keynote speaker, Bill McLeod, Executive Director of Dupont Circle Historic Main Streets.
    1. McLeod’s presentation included a PowerPoint presentation outlining some recent trends in Dupont Circle, including the rise of “combination businesses” (e.g. Kramer Books, art galleries with second uses, and others). He outlined the changes that the Dupont Circle organization had undergone since its inception in 1995, and discussed its current work at structuring itself as a Business Improvement District.  He also outlined some of the organizational principles at work  the Dupont Circle organization, in order to leverage its staff time and limited budget.
    2. Following Mr. McLeod’s presentation, a Question and Answer session was held.
  4. Hussmann thanked Mr. McLeod for his remarks, and following a brief procedural discussion with CA Board Member Jon Kinney, tabulated the votes and announced the results of the board election:
    1. Wade Franklin of the UPS Store and Stephen Taylor of the Church at Clarendon were elected as business representatives.
    2. Casey Nolan of Clark Realty Capital and Tyler Schlandt of MRP Realty were elected as Property Owner representatives.
  5. Following the election announcement, Mr. Hussmann invited members and guests to mingle and enjoy the hospitality of American Tap Room.
  6. After ascertaining that there was no new business, the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Clarendon Allliance was adjourned by Adam Thocher at 7:45 pm.