CA Minutes – May 15, 2013

Clarendon Alliance

Board of Directors Meeting

Regular Monthly Meeting, May 15, 2013

Present:  Bill Anhut, Kathy Dalby, Mark Fedorchak, Bill Gearhart,  Michael Giles, Debbie Kaplan, Jon Kinney, Paul LeValley, Tom Petty, Sue Pyatt , Adam Thocher, and Julie Zalkind; also present, Executive Director Matt Hussmann.

Not present:

The meeting was held in the Alliance office at 1039 North 11th Street and was called to order by Sue Pyatt at 6:45 pm, with a quorum present.  Mrs. Pyatt noted that Julie Zalkind had headed a nominating committee for Board officers and asked Ms. Zalkind to announce the slate.

Ms. Zalkind proposed the following slate:  President, Sue Pyatt; first vice president, Mark Fedorchak; second vice president, Adam Thocher; third vice president, Jon Kinney; secretary, Bill Anhut; assistant secretary, Bill Gearhart; treasurer, Bill Gearhart; assistant treasurer, Bill Anhut.  There were no other nominations from Board members, and the slate was elected unanimously.

Minutes.  The minutes of the meeting of April 17, 2013, special and regular meetings were approved as amended.

Treasurer’s report.  Bill Anhut presented his report.  Among other things, he noted a significant shortfall in dues for the year to date, and an adjusted Clarendon Day profit of $14,000.  He noted the current net operating income of $2,777 is likely to change after receipt of the proceeds of the June art festival and the Penzance dues.  The report was accepted.

Executive Director’s report.  Matt Hussmann  provided the following in his report:  (1) tables, chairs, and umbrellas, including umbrellas donated by the Alliance, have been placed in the recently renovated Metro park, and several tables and chairs and one umbrella have been stolen; (2) there have been some issues with use of the Metro park, including use by persons with loud speakers and use by vendors, with some of the use overlapping Alliance use on farmers’ market days; in discussion it was noted that the County controls the park; it was agreed that Paul LeValley, Michael Giles, Jon Kinney, Kathy Dalby, and Kalil Minor would serve on a committee and, working with the County, would look into the use of the park and possible ways to limit other commercial use during times when an Alliance market is operating; (3) dues have been received from 12 parties; and (4) the new sign is up on the window.  In discussion, Mrs. Pyatt suggested that the windows be washed monthly, and that Mr. Hussmann should establish and post office hours, and should be in the office or walking around Clarendon 20 hours a week.

Old business.  The question of timing of Board meetings was raised.  A motion was made to have the Board meet at 4 pm and 7 pm in alternate months.  The motion failed by a vote of 6-6.  Note was made of Mr. LeValley’s teaching conflict on Wednesday nights, and it was noted that he would not have a conflict through August.

Bylaws.  Bill Gearhart noted that the version of the approved bylaws that Mr. Hussmann circulated included a dues schedule, which the Board had agreed to delete when it approved the bylaws in April, and that the revised bylaws omitted the wording that specified the procedure by which civic class board members are selected.  Mr. Hussmann agreed to delete the dues schedule, and Mr. Gearhart agreed to submit wording to address the civic class omission.  Mr. Hussmann indicated that he had made several technical changes to the wording and would circulate a draft to Messrs. Gearhart and Kinney.

In other matters, it was suggested that Board members send comments on the proposed Alliance work plan for fiscal 2013-2014 to Mr. Hussmann, and Mrs. Pyatt said that the next monthly meeting would be on June 19 at 6:30 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 8 pm.


Respectfully submitted:


Bill Gearhart

Assistant Secretary