CA Minutes – May 21, 2014

Clarendon Alliance

Board of Directors Meeting

May 21, 2014

Present:  Mark Fedorchak,  Debbie Kaplan, Tom Petty, Adam Thocher, Michael Giles, Jon Hoffmeyer, Peter Wilson, and Julie Zalkind; also present, Executive Director Matt Hussmann, and Richard Brewster, who is conducting a Strategic Planning program with the Clarendon Alliance.

Not present: Bill Gearhart, Diane Jamison, Jon Kinney, Paul LeValley. Khalil Minor, and Bill Trahant.

The meeting was held in the Alliance office at 1039 North 11th Street and was called to order by Board President Adam Thocher at 6:30 pm, with a quorum present.

The minutes of the Board meeting of April 16, 2014, were approved as presented.

Strategic Planning Update.  President Adam Thocher welcomed Richard Brewster, and documents Brewster prepared outlining the findings of the initial strategic planning meeting were circulated at the meeting, and to all board members by email.  Mr. Thocher outlined the next steps in the process, which are to appoint a steering committee to plan and conduct research for future retreats; to set dates for those retreats, in July and October, and to set a date for an in-camera meeting of the CA Board to discuss personnel issues.  Following the discussion, Mr. Brewster left the meeting.

Pub-Crawl update. Adam Thocher circulated the proposed questions that the County Executive’s staff intend to post on their website, and requested questions or comments about the proposed questions to be forwarded to Matt Hussmann for submission to the County.

Treasurer’s report.  Peter Wilson outlined the financial position of the CA. He noted that the cancellation of the Spark Market, and an unexpected payment due to the IRS, and uncertainty surrounding our move-out date has made our financial condition more challenging.  He noted that with expected income from our markets, potential revenue from our membership renewal email, and with new revenue expected to be generated from the Clarendon Day 2014, the CA should finish FY14 in the black.

Adam Thocher acknowledged the need to conduct business while we had a quorum, so he moved to agenda item 5.

Letter of Credit application.  Peter Wilson outlined the terms previously discussed with Burke & Herbert Bank.  We would request an unsecured $10,000 line of credit, which carries a $200 origination and processing fee, and the interest is Prime + 1%.  Following a discussion, a motion was made by Julie Zalkind and seconded asfollows:  To approve the submission of the application and pay the $200 origination fee if, in the opinion of the President, Treasurer, and Executive Director that such an action was necessary for the Clarendon Alliance to meet its essential financial obligations; and further, that any money borrowed under the line of credit must be paid back fully and immediately, when the CA generates additional income sufficient to repay the loan.  The motion was adopted on a 7-1 vote, with Tom Petty voting “no”.

Arlington Farmers Market RFP. Adam Thocher then moved to item 6.a. under New Business, Approval to submit respond to RFP for the management the Arlington Farmers Market.

Matt Hussmann outlined the terms of the RFP, which has been circulated to the Board.  He noted this is a long-standing market with a current revenue of approximately $13,800, and a stable set of participants.  He explained that the RFP will require a payment of 5% of revenues to Arlington County, which can diminish to 2% in the out-years of the 5-year term of the RFP.  He noted that the RFP specifically allows a farmer-exhibitor to serve as on-site manager, similar to the situation at the Urban Village Market.   Following a discussion, a motion was made to authorize Matt Hussmann to draft a response to the RFP, and to circulate it to Tom Petty for approval prior to submission.

Workplan and Budget.   Copies of the draft workplan and budget were circulated.  Adam Thocher directed board members to review the material, and to send suggested changes to Matt Hussmann, who will incorporate them in a revised draft to be discussed and approved at the June Board meeting.  Thocher suggested that “measurable” objectives be added to the workplan as they were developed over time.

Staff Report.  Matt Hussmann reported that membership renewal emails had been sent to Residential, Civic Association, and Business class members.  He reported that Saul and South Block were in the final stages of their lease negotiations, but that a signed lease with a June move-in date was not yet signed.  He reported that he had reached out to Bill Anhut to see if the negotiations could potentially be expedited.  He explained that he was re-evaluating sponsor and exhibitor fees in light of the comparison between Taste of Arlington and Clarendon Day, and that he would launch the 2014 Clarendon Day website as soon as possible to generate revenue for the Clarendon Alliance.

There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm

Respectfully submitted,


Matt Hussmann