CA Minutes – May 30, 2012

Clarendon Alliance
Board of Directors Meeting
May 30, 2012
Present:  Kathy Dalby, Tom Petty, Mark Fedorchak, Adam Thocher, Bill Anhut (6:50), Executive Director Matt Hussmann.
Absent:  Julie Zalkind, Manny Fliakas, Sue Pyatt, Debbie Kaplan, Bill Gearhart, Jon Kinney.
1. Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by CA President Kathy Dalby at 6:40.  There were no remarks from the chair.
2. Approval of Minutes:  In the absence of Secretary Bill Gearhart, approval of the minutes was deferred.
3. Treasurer’s Report:  Matt Hussmann noted that Treasurer Bill Anhut had called to say he would be late due to traffic.  Hussmann outlined key points regarding the CA financial position as follows:
a. All required forms have been submitted to IRS and we have received our statement of financial condition from Murray Johnson White & Associates.
b. Our cash on hand will cover our anticipated expenses through the close of the fiscal year.
c. The County Board approved our request for additional matching grant funding.  Those funds become available on July 1.
d. Staff has prepared memos for the President regarding cost-saving options and membership development strategies, which will need further refinement before submission to the Board.
i. Based on initial discussion with President, staff believe that further cost savings can be identified, and that we can present a balanced budget to AED.
ii. Based on initial discussion with President, staff believe that a successful membership campaign can be implemented, tied to the rollout of the new website.
e. The CA must draft a FY 13 Work Plan and Budget, for submission to AED, in order to become eligible for our basic grant and matching grant.  Staff will draft these documents and work with the President to refine them.  They will be provided to the Board in advance of the June Board meeting.
4. Staff Report:
a. Website Development.
i. is up—much of the static content is in place and the new theme is installed.
ii. The testing website has been released to the board for field trials.  This site has the future functionality in place:
1. Member registration forms with payment by credit card without re-direction to Paypal
2. Upon registration payment, all functions get turned on for members:
a. Post-upload images to front page (moderated)
b. Post-upload images to Event Calendar
c. Post to Community Forum.  (Note, this function is open to all).
d. Member Page function is still under construction
3. Group discussion on “look and feel”/ functionality
a. Members present offered suggestions/model websites.
i. Civic Association participation in registration section must be vetted.
ii. Forum Member upgrade to CA Member = email conflict is a known issue, and a work-around exists.
b. $1,500 was authorized to pay for professional assistance in ‘styling’ the website, including logo development.
b. Clarendon Day
i. Special Event Form for Clarendon Day has been submitted.
ii. Staff requested the appointment of a ‘Working Group’ to focus on Clarendon Day (September 22) as follows:
1. Kathy Dalby (Run)
2. Sue Pyatt (Kids)
3. Michele Werner (Virginia Hospital Center Foundation)
4. Jane Inge (Music)
5. Matt Hussmann (Overall coordination)
a. Request approved by acclamation
c. Trader Joe’s
i. Trader Joe’s has a hearing for a minor site plan amendment scheduled for June 16 in order to allow Trader Joe’s to install a screen for its back-room operations which take place on Garfield Street.  The transparency requirements in the Zoning code make this minor site plan amendment necessary.
1. CA has been requested to comment in support of Trader Joe’s request to improve the appearance of their back-room operation.
ii. After discussion, those present at the meeting unanimously agreed that the CA should support Trader Joe’s goal to “dress up” the appearance of this space, and note that there are a variety of techniques that could be used that could achieve this goal.
1. The consensus at the meeting was that staff should write draft testimony, and circulate it to those present for the discussion for comment.
5. New Business
a. Tom Petty noted that the bylaws require the CA to hold, at a minimum, by-monthly meetings.  Following a discussion, the group recognized that our actual workload suggests that a more flexible meeting schedule may be desirable.  The following meetings were deemed by the group assembled to be essential:
i. Third Wednesday in June:  essential to approve Work Plan and Budget prior to submission to AED;
ii. Third Wednesday in July:  essential to finalize plans and roles for Clarendon Day, and to ensure adequate event sponsorship.
iii. September meeting should be the last week in September, following Clarendon Day, for recap and analysis.
Respectfully submitted,
Matt Hussmann
Executive Director