CA Minutes – November 20, 2013

Clarendon Alliance
Board of Directors Meeting
November 20, 2013
Present:  Bill Anhut, Bill Gearhart,  Michael Giles, Debbie Kaplan, Jon Kinney, Khalil Minor, Tom Petty, Sue Pyatt , Adam Thocher, Peter Wilson, and Julie Zalkind; also present, Executive Director Matt Hussmann.
Not present:  Mark Fedorchak, Kathy Dalby, Paul LeValley.
The meeting was held in the Alliance office at 1039 North 11th Street and was called to order by Board President Sue Pyatt at 6:30 pm, with a quorum present.
The minutes of the Board meeting of October 16, 2013, were approved as modified (to reflect the decision to proceed with blue lights for the trees in the Metro Park).
Treasurer’s report.  Bill Anhut distributed copies of a reformulated financial report.  He noted several discrepancies in the report, which Matt Hussmann explained, and which Mr. Hussmann agreed to go back and check.  Mr. Anhut indicated that when all Clarendon Day adjustments are made, the event should show a profit.
Selection of new accounting firm.  Mr. Anhut noted that he, Bill Gearhart, and Jon Kinney had interviewed representatives of two accounting relating to the providing of accounting and tax services for the Alliance, including preparation of our tax returns and the yearend (June 30) compilation – Murray Johnson, our current firm, and the Wentrop firm, which currently does accounting work for C-PRO.   Two of the board members expressed some reservations about changing firms.  A motion was made to change to the Wentrop firm, and the motion was approved 9-0 with 2 members abstaining.   In a related matter concerning accounting, Mr. Hussmann agreed to have all the materials together to allow completion of our tax returns by December 31, 2013.  In the course of discussion it was noted that we had filed a timely request for an extension in November.
Executive Director’s report.  Mr. Hussmann indicated that Clark Construction wants to attend the board’s December meeting to present their plans for the 10th Street Flats residential building along the south side of N. 10th Street west of N. Highland Street.  It was agreed that they should be invited.  Mr. Hussmann stated that he was still working on installing the holiday lighting in the Metro Park, and said that the cost of the lighting was running less than anticipated.  He said that he was seeking donations to help defray the cost of the lights.
Mr. Hussmann also reported that the networking meeting at Burke & Herbert Bank was now set for January 15, and that the bank was now working on food for the event.  He noted that literature relating to both the Alliance and the bank would be available for attendees.  Mr. Hussmann also said that he was working on the annual meeting, and it was agreed that it should be held on one of the last two Mondays or Tuesdays in January, depending on room availability.
Art market in Wells Fargo Bank parking lot.  Peter Wilson updated the board on his meeting with the organizers of the event.  He said that the organizers had agreed to a 60-40 split on proceeds, in the Alliance’s favor.   The organizers are suggesting a spring start; vendors would pay $40 each per event day, and the market manager would be paid $160 per event day.  They are suggesting a soft opening in April.  It was agreed that Mr. Wilson should continue to meet with the organizers to explore options.
It was agreed that the board should hold a short meeting on December 18 for an update on the annual meeting and to make any decisions needed relating to the meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted:
Bill Gearhart