2017 Tentative Music Lineup

Here is the music lineup for Clarendon Day 2017.  Obviously there may be some changes between now and mid-September, so check back for updates!

Main Stage

  • 11:00am      Crooked Angels
  • 12:00pm      Giants and Thieves
  • 1:15pm        Flashback
  • 2:30pm        FUZZQUEEN
  • 4:00pm        Harry J Smith and the Bling

Clarendon Stage

  • 11:00am       ROAM – Rock of Ages Music
  • 1:00pm        1519
  • 2:00pm        Haley Fahey Band
  • 3:00pm        Pleasure Train
  • 4:00pm        Fellowcraft

Performance Stage

  • 11:00am      TBA
  • 12:00pm      TBA
  • 1:00pm        BalletNova Center for Dance
  • 2:00pm        Addagio Ballet
  • 3:00pm        Saffron Dance
  • 4:00pm        O’Neill-James Irish Dance

Chili Stage

  • 1:00pm     Caroline Ferrante & the Whole Magilla
  • 2:00pm     Erin Frisby and Lortolan
  • 3:00pm     Crys Matthews
  • 4:00pm     Jacqueline Pie Francis