Our Farmers

Baguette Republic

baguette republic


Baguette Republic guarantees all natural European style breads. They focus on a natural fermentation process and proper hydration. No Baguette Republic products have any artificial bleaching. Their mission statement is to “…provide the best culinary experience with the highest quality ingredients using traditional methods and techniques.”

Beechwood Orchards

Beechwood Orchards


Beechwood Orchards is a 5th generation family owned tree fruit farm. The farm is run by David and Tammy Garreston, joined later by their two children. Beechwood offers a variety of different fruits, preserves, nuts, honey, and seasonal veggies.

Bon Vivant

Red Barn And Fence On Farm In Maine


Bon Vivant prides itself on selling completely natural, locally grown produce. All produce is grown in small local farms and has no pesticides or added hormones. They specialize in meat (chicken, turkey, beef, rabbit, etc.), cheeses (gouda, cheddar, and swiss), poultry, preserves, and more. Come visit them at the Clarendon Farmers Market or on their website ww.bonvivantcompany.com.

C&T Produce


C&T offers the best of its 500 acres of fresh fruits and veggies in King George and Stafford County. A 3rd generation farm,  C&T was established in 1991 and is family run. The selection offered by C&T includes but is not limited to cantaloupe, watermelon, corn, tomatoes, and lettuce. For more information visit candtproduce.com, and for original recipes visit southern-kitchen.blogspot.com.


Dimitri Olive Farms



Dimitri Olive Farms sells Mediterranean  imported olives and extra virgin olive oil. The farm uses unfiltered production to create the purest possible final result. Come have a taste of this olive oil that has traveled half way around the world to come to the Clarendon Farmers Market.


Everona Dairy

Everona Dairy


Everona Dairy specializes in home made cheeses and other products made from sheep’s milk. Everona Dairy is located in the Piedmont region of Virginia. Its rich soil for growing grass and clear drinking water contributes to the health of its sheep, providing great quality milk and cheese. Everona Dairy offers several homemade gourmet cheeses and other select products at the Farmers Market.


Great Harvest 


Great Harvest Bread Co. is famous for its 100% whole grain and wheat breads. Located in Alexandria, Great Harvest grows and mills its own all natural flour. In addition to the all-natural home milled flour used in the breads, no artificial sugars are used in Great Harvest products. The products are sweetened with all natural sugars such as honey. Items that are available at the Clarendon Farmers market include White Cinnamon Chip Bread, Nine Grain Bread, 100% Whole Wheat Bread, and Honey Whole Wheat Bread.


Grace’s Pastries

Grace's Pastries


Grace Kumah Banahene founded Grace’s Pastries to sell her breads, pastries, and gourmet foods. Located in Herndon, Grace’s Pastries offers bread, sweet potato bread, apple spice walnut bread, sourdough bread, fruit turnovers, scones, and much more. Gluten free options also available.


Gonzales Produce

Gonzalez Produce

Hailing from Tappahannock Virginia, Gonzalez Produce offers the best of whatever is in season. This 3rd generation farm uses conventional growing practices and all produce is hand picked. Their selection at the Clarendon Farmers market includes but is not limited to bell peppers, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, corn, and zucchini (selection may vary due to season).


Livin’ the Pie Life


Livin’ the Pie Life sells homemade pies made with locally grown ingredients. They believe it’s all about the crust, and each crust is made with ingredients bought from local farmers. Each pie is baked in a 100% aluminum pan, recyclable and easily returned when you come to the next Farmers Market for your second delicious homemade pie!

Oh! Pickles

Oh Pickles


Oh! Pickles has a wide selection of pickled products for perusal. Like them on Facebook after you come try some of their delicious half-sour pickles at the Farmers Market!