About the Clarendon Alliance

For more than 25 years, the Clarendon Alliance has been working to improve the health and vitality of the Clarendon Corridor.   The events and activities we organize help to maintain the special character of Clarendon area.  Our goal is to promote the health and vitality of the Clarendon Corridor to make sure that Clarendon remains the heart of Arlington.

The Clarendon Alliance is making important changes in 2012 to provide additional benefits to our members and event sponsors.

Clarendon Alliance Initiatives 2012

 As one of the two “Partnership Organizations” in Arlington (the other is CPRO) the Clarendon Alliance relies on voluntary membership dues to cover a significant portion of our operating expenses.  We are not a Business Improvement District, but we are expected to provide substantially the same services at a fraction of the cost.  So here are six things we are doing now to meet our goals:

  • We are rebuiding our website to make it a billboard for all-things-Clarendon.  Members will drive our website by telling the world the cool things they have going every day of the year.  We make it easy for members to publish to the front page, to list events in our calendar, and to do social networking. And people who live or work in the area will be able to participate in our community forum.
  • We are expanding our outreach to seek out new members throughout our district, especially in Courthouse and Virginia Square.
  • We are actively seeking business members who are not ground-floor retailers or service providers.  There are over 1000 businesses in our district, and most of them are not on the ground floor.  We want to invite those businesses and their employees to become actively engaged in the Clarendon Alliance.
  • We are looking for ways to strengthen our partnerships with the adjoining Civic Associations.
  • We are reaching out to property owners to ask them to support our work.

The new Clarendon.org website is now up and running, and we will continue to add new features to it as quickly as we can.

Once the website is running, we will focus on improving our existing programs and adding new ones.

  • We want to strengthen our Wednesday Farmers Market and our Urban Village Market.
  • We want to organize a Holiday Market—similar to the Holiday Market at the Portrait Gallery in DC—this December.
  • We want to re-introduce regular member networking events.

Your support of the Clarendon Alliance is an investment in our community.  It allows us to continue our work in promoting Clarendon and managing a great lineup of activities and special events, including Clarendon Day, the Mardi Gras Parade, the Wednesday Farmer’s Market and Saturday’s Urban Village Market.  Please join the Clarendon Alliance today!