Clarendon Alliance Annual Meeting Minutes – March 28, 2016

Minutes of the Annual Meeting

Clarendon Alliance, Inc. Annual Meeting

American Tap Room

3101 Wilson Blvd

Arlington, VA 22201

 March 28, 2016


  1. After determining that a quorum was present in all voting classes, the Annual Meeting of Clarendon Alliance, Inc. was called to order at 6:45 pm by Board President Paul LeValley. Mr. LeValley thanked the members and guests, and made brief remarks about the work of the Clarendon Alliance, and our need for additional resources to grow our organization.  He introduced Arlington County Board Chair Libby Garvey and invited to say a few words.  Garvey thanked the audience, and noted that County Board Member Jay Fisette had been in attendance as well but had to leave for another engagement.  Ms. Garvey talked about the County Partnerships and their important role in the community, and expressed appreciation for the work of the CA.
  2. Executive Director Matt Hussmann welcomed the assembled members and guests, and thanked American Tap Room for their service. He asked if all voting members had received ballots, and outlined the election rules. Candidates for the CA Board of Directors were introduced as well.
  3. Hussmann then introduced the Annual Meeting’s Keynote speaker, Victor Hoskins, Executive Director of Arlington Economic Development
  4. Hoskins spoke about the current state of Arlington’s economy, and compared Arlington’s strategy and resources to competing jurisdictions.  He noted that Arlington has a relatively high office vacancy rate, and compared to other jurisdictions, fewer tools to increase occupancy.  He noted that Arlington is taking bold action to reach out to potential tenants (He noted that he and his team had just returned from the South by Southwest Conference) and provided statistics that indicated AED’s bold goals for office leasing appear to be on track.  Following his remarks, Mr. Hoskins took questions from the audience.
  5. Hussmann thanked Mr. Hoskins for his remarks, and announced the results of the board election:
    1. Natasha Ungerer of Clarendon Animal Care, Linda Martin of Main Street Bank, and Jennifer Weiss of Cherry Blow Dry Bar  were elected as business representatives.
    2. Megan Pierce of the Shooshan Company was elected as elected as a Property Owner representative.
  6. As required in the CA Bylaws, the new board convened briefly and elected the following officers for 2016/2017:
    1. Paul LeValley, President
    2. Wade Franklin, First Vice President
    3. Jon Kinney, Second Vice President
    4. Bill Gearhart, Secretary
    5. Casey Nolan, Treasurer
  7. After ascertaining that there was no new business, the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Clarendon Allliance was adjourned by unanimous vote of the board at 7:45 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Matt Hussmann

Executive Director