Clarendon Alliance Website Update

Please forgive us as we update the website on the fly.  We are changing our content management system from MiniCMS to WordPress, which will allow us to add needed features and manage the website properly.

We are also working to install CiviCRM, which will enable us to publish and email our newsletter, send emails to targeted lists, manage our membership and more.  CiviCRM is designed specifically for nonprofit membership organizations and it will be a powerful tool.  The new version of CiviCRM that will work with WordPress is due to be released later this month.

Our goal is to make our website into a portal page for the Clarendon-Courthouse-Virginia Square area.  It will be a place where our members can log-in and announce their events, activities and news on our front page, and add events to our event calendar.

Obviously this will be a work in progress.  We’ll certainly be tweaking our site navigation based on the pages that people are looking at, to make popular pages easy to find.  We’ll add “widgets” to improve functionality over time.  And we will be improving the appearance and color scheme of the site, once I learn a little more about how css works.

If anyone has WordPress or CiviCRM experience and wants to volunteer to help us speed up our development process, please email me.  Given our budget constraints, we need to do most of the development in-house.

We think our new site will work better for our members and for the public.  We will add content and features as quickly as we can.  We appreciate your patience and your feedback.



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