Free Furniture from the Clarendon Alliance

The Clarendon Alliance is doing some spring cleaning, and you can help!  We have several pieces of furniture in our storage area at 1555 Wilson Boulevard, and we’re giving it away this weekend.  We have two one 6-foot bookcases with four shelves, chairs, a coat rack, a 6 drawer credenza, a table (disassembled), two four-drawer file cabinets, a card rack, and two desks, plus miscellaneous odds and ends.  (Please click on a photo for a larger image).  You will be responsible for hauling the furniture, and note that our storage area has a height limit of 9 feet, so pickups and vans work best. Call the CA at 703-812-8881, or email to make arrangements to visit our storage area and retrieve what you want.  What’s not removed this weekend will be junked or recycled next week, so act fast! (Updated 6-16-17) (Updated 4pm 6/17/17)

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