CA Minutes 3-15-17

Clarendon Alliance

Board of Directors Meeting

March 15, 2017

Present:  Wade Franklin, Bill Gearhart, Paul LeValley, Tom Moriarity, Ashley Naiman, Casey Nolan, Megan Pierce, and Natasha Unger; also present, Executive Director Matt Hussmann and (by phone) Karen Vazquez of the Economic Development office.

Not present:  Debbie Kaplan, Jon Kinney, Linda Martin, Tom Petty, Adam Thocher, Bill Trahant, and Jennifer Weiss.

The meeting was held in MakeOffices Meeting Room 2A, Suite 200, at 3100 Clarendon Blvd., and was called to order by Board President Paul LeValley at 6:52 pm, with a quorum present.

Approval of meeting minutes.  It was noted that January 18, 2017 meeting minutes had been prepared but were unavailable due to a printer problem.

President’s report.  President Paul LeValley opened the meeting by noting that the Board had met in February but that no actions were taken due to lack of a quorum.  He next turned to financial matters.  He noted that the Alliance had submitted a draft budget to the County for fiscal year 2018 that was similar to the budget for the current year. He also noted that the County Board had a work session scheduled for the next day relating to the partnerships that we would be attending.

Treasurer’s report/ Executive Director’s report.  A spread sheet was circulated showing income and expenditures for the fiscal year to date.  Executive Director Matt Hussmann highlighted several of the amounts on the spread sheet, including amounts relating to Clarendon Day and disappointing profits due to adverse weather conditions on the day of the event.  In discussion it was noted that the Alliance currently receives considerably less funding than the BIDs or the $200,000 that C-PRO receives from the County, and that our limited funding from the County and other sources limits what the Alliance can do.  Note was made that the Arts Festival would be held the weekend of April 22-23, with certain proceeds benefiting the Alliance.  There was discussion about whether the Alliance should secure a line of credit but several board members expressed concern that use of such a line could place the Alliance in the position of spending next year’s funding in the current budget year.

Scheduling of the annual meeting. Discussion next turned to the annual meeting of the Alliance, which is normally held in the first quarter in accordance with our bylaws.  It was observed that the meeting date would likely need to be shifted into April so that Victor Hoskins, Director of the County’s Office of Economic Development, might speak.  Mr. Hussmann indicated that he was working on a number of possible sites for the meeting and would select one once the meeting date was set.  In light of the bylaw provision, a motion was made and approved unanimously to hold the annual meeting outside the first calendar quarter. [Note: the annual meeting was held on April 17, 2017, at Whitlow’s.]

The meeting was adjourned at 7:42 pm.

Respectfully submitted:


Bill Gearhart