CA Minutes – February 20, 2013

Clarendon Alliance

Board of Directors Meeting

February 20, 2013

Present:  Bill Anhut, Mark Fedorchak, Bill Gearhart, Debbie Kaplan, Tom Petty, Adam Thocher, and Julie Zalkind; also present, Executive Director Matt Hussmann .

Not present:  Kathy Dalby, Manny Fliakas, Jon Kinney, Paul LeValley, and, Sue Pyatt.

The meeting was held in the Alliance office at 1039 North 11th Street and was called to order at 6:30 pm.

Minutes:  The minutes of the Board meeting of October 24, 2012, the most recent prior Board meeting, were approved has presented.

Executive Director’s report.  Matt Hussman noted for the record that Kathy Dalby had resigned as president for reasons related to her business commitments.  He also noted that Sue Pyatt, first vice president, was at home with a broken foot.  Mr. Hussmann described a new Quick Books internet program that he is now using that allows online access from remote locations for designated users as well as more detailed analysis of financial data.  He showed the Board a revised website and described the expanded capabilities.  In discussion, Mr. Anhut noted that the website contained old news when he last checked it and that the Clarendon Alliance does not come up until page 4 of Google.  (Several Board members proceeded to check the internet, and found that the Alliance comes up more quickly when entered differently.)  Mr. Anhut also suggested that we allow members to post on our website at no charge to encourage business use.

Mr. Hussmann noted that Board member Paul LeValley has a conflict on Wednesday evenings due to a teaching commitment, and suggested that the Board consider meeting on a different night.  In discussion, several Board members expressed a willingness to consider Tuesday evenings; it was agreed that Mr. Hussmann should poll the Board members, including those not present at the meeting, to see if Tuesday would be a better night.  It was also agreed that the Board should meet at least monthly in coming months so as to catch up on unfinished business, including the delayed annual meeting, and also to focus on the upcoming work plan and other matters relating the end of the fiscal year.  Mr. Hussmann concluded his report by noting for the record that a person attending the Clarendon Day event had suffered a minor burn by accidently touching the exhaust pipe of a vehicle at the event and had submitted a claim against our insurance; he noted that we paid a $500 deductible on our policy in resolving the claim.

Financial report.  No formal report was circulated.  However, Mr. Hussmann said that he expects that the Alliance will end the year in the black, and said that projected revenues from a Howard Allen art show in June should assist in this regard.  There was some discussion about dues collections to date, and Mr. Hussmann noted that about $724 had been collected in dues to date during the current fiscal year.  There was some discussion about the emphasis that the Board should place on dues collection, with several Board members expressing the view that placing a low emphasis would free up Mr. Hussmann’s time for other matters, but with at least one Board expressing concern with such an approach.  No resolution was reached on the matter.

Board matters.  It was agreed that Sue Pyatt, as first vice president, should be named as acting president and that Adam Thocher, as second vice president, should run the meeting in Mrs. Pyatt’s absence.

The Board proceeded to discuss the annual meeting.  It was agreed that Mr. Hussmann should try to find a place to hold the meeting and that he should start by calling Joe Corey, who has hosted the meeting in recent years in his event space under the Boulevard Woodgrill.  Mr. Hussmann agreed to circulate to the Board a summary of the annual meeting requirements and possible dates for the meeting.  It was suggested that we aim for a date in early April, if that accords with the bylaw notification requirements.

The Board then proceeded to discuss the matters that Mr. Hussmann should be working on and to set priorities.  It was agreed that he should focus on the following matters in this order:  the annual meeting, the website, and then, in conjunction with a committee, an examination of the merits of seeking IRC section 501(c)(6) status.

Mr. Hussmann then proceeded to describe the Howard Allen Art Show.  He said that Mr. Allen wants to do a show on June 22-23, and that the show would be on North Highland Street and involve about 140 vendors.   He noted that Mr. Allen also does a show in Alexandria.  Mr. Hussmann indicated that the show should bring the Alliance considerable revenue.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Bill Gearhart