CA Minutes – January 29, 2014

Minutes of the Annual Meeting

 Clarendon Alliance, Inc., Annual Meeting

Held at the American Tap Room

3101 Wilson Blvd

Arlington, VA 22201


January 29, 2014


  1. After determining that a quorum was present in all voting classes, the Annual Meeting of Clarendon Alliance, Inc., was called to order at 6:45 pm.
  2. Executive Director Matt Hussmann welcomed the assembled members and guests, thanked American Tap Room for their service. He noted that ballots had been circulated to voting members of the business and property classes, and asked that ballots be cast prior to the introduction of the keynote speaker.  He then introduced Alexander Iams, Arlington Economic Development’s liaison to the Clarendon Alliance.
    1. Mr. Iams described how the Clarendon Alliance has helped in making Clarendon a regional destination, and also noted some of the recent changes that have occurred in Clarendon that have helped further Clarendon’s evolution as a regional destination.
    2. He announced that, in recognition of this changing environment, AED would be providing financial support for a facilitated strategic planning initiative to assist the CA in outlining its role, structure and long-term goals. The strategic planning initiative is to be conducted during the first quarter of 2014.
  3. Matt Hussmann thanked Mr. Iams for his remarks.  He asked if any voters remained who had not cast ballots—none remained—and introduced the Keynote Speaker, Kennedy Smith, Principal of the Community Land Use and Economics Group, also known as the Clue Group.
    1. Ms. Smith’s presentation included a powerpoint slide show.  She noted that she is a long-time Arlington resident, and her slide show focused on various businesses in Arlington, many of which are now gone.  She described various ways in which these changes have helped as well as hurt commercial districts.  Finally, she described a series of creative solutions and best practices for downtown commercial districts.
  4. Matt Hussmann thanked Ms. Smith for her remarks, and announced that the member’s votes had been tabulated, and that Jon Kinney was re-elected as a property owner representative to the board, and that Jon Hoffmeyer had been elected as a business representative to the board.  He also noted that William Trahant had been appointed by the Arlington County Board as one of the County representatives.
    1. Mr. Hussmann invited the assembled guests to enjoy the remaining food and beverages provided by ATR, and asked the board members in attendance to convene in a private section of the room to elect officers.
    2. Debbie Kaplan, chair of the Board Appointed Elections Committee, announced to the board that her committee had obtained commitments from board members for the offices of president, secretary, and treasurer, and was still in the process of contacting board members about the two vice president positions. Ms. Kaplan offered a motion that the matter of election of officers be continued to the next regularly scheduled CA meeting.  The motion was seconded by Bill Gearhart and passed unanimously.  In brief discussion it was also noted that the board members should rejoin the annual meeting guests.
  5. After board members rejoined the guests in the food area, Mr. Hussmann invited members and guests to continue to mingle; the annual meeting was formally adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Matt Hussmann

Bill Gearhart