Basic Information for Exhibitors

Clarendon Day is organized by the Clarendon Alliance to celebrate and showcase the Clarendon community.  Based on the overall success of last year’s event, we plan to retain the basic layout, but we are considering some changes as well to improve traffic flow throughout the site.  We have developed an improved numbering system to help allow vendors and exhibitors to quickly identify their sites. We’ve also reconfigured our spacing to avoid over-crowding.

Event Date:    September 23, 2017 – Rain or Shine

Application and Payment Deadlines:

  • Wednesday, August 30 (Food vendors)
  • Wednesday, September 6  (All other Exhibitors)

We set our deadlines so we can plan the event layout, and submit One-Day Food Permits to the County Health department by their early September deadline.   Exhibitors who make their payment after the deadline will be assessed a $100 late fee.  No exhibitor will be allowed to participate if the payment is not received by the Clarendon Alliance by COB Wednesday, September 20.

Booth Fees:
10′ x 10′ Tented Space: 
(Tents provided by the Clarendon Alliance.  Tented booth space includes two 6′ tables & two folding chairs)

  • Food Vendors (Note: Food Trucks are not allowed at Clarendon Day, but food truck operators are certainly encouraged to participate. All food vendors must operate from tented space)    
    • Clarendon Corridor Restaurants – $500
    • All other Food Vendors – $ 550
      • (Note: Fee includes one-day food permit fee and we provide necessary hand-washing equipment)
  • Arts & Crafts Vendors – $350
  • General Exhibitors 
      • Clarendon-Courthouse General Exhibitors – $450
      • Other General Exhibitors – $550
  • Non-Profit Exhibitors – $300  

(Note: Non-Profit Exhibitors may share booth space with another non-profit organization. See Exhibitor Application for details).

10′ x 10′ Exhibit Space Only:
Exhibitor must supply own 10′ x 10′ tent, weights, tables, chairs, equipment and supplies).

  • Food Vendors  
    • Clarendon Corridor Restaurants – $375
    • All other Food Vendors – $400
      • (Note: Fee includes license fee and hand-washing station)
  • Arts & Crafts Vendors-$175 – Through June 30, $195 beginning July 1.
  • Clarendon-Courthouse General Exhibitors-$350
  • Non-Clarendon General Exhibitors – $400 – Through June 30, $425 beginning July 1.
  • Non-Profit Exhibitors-$150

(Note: Non-Profit Exhibitors may share booth space with another non-profit organization. See Exhibitor Application for details).

Booth/Tent Locations:

The Clarendon Alliance makes its best effort to locate exhibitors near their requested sites, and to separate similar businesses.  However, we cannot and do not guarantee any particular location to any sponsor or any exhibitor at Clarendon Day.

Additional Services and Fees:

Some restaurants/food vendors and general exhibitors utilize space outside their tent for cooking or for other activities.  This year we are charging an additional sidewalk space fee of $2.50/square foot to help manage “sprawl” on our event site. A separate charge for additional on-street space will be applied as per our application.

  • Power-$125 – 110 volt, 20 amp circuits are available at this rate.  Additional power requirements will incur additional fees on a case by case basis.  The Clarendon Alliance will have a licensed electrician on-site during the event. 
  • 6-foot tables-$20 each
  • 8-foot tables-$30 each
  • Folding chairs – $7 each

Payment Options:

The Clarendon Alliance can accept payment by check, credit or debit cards, by Paypal, or through an interbank transfer using account and routing numbers.

Clarendon Day Sponsors and Exhibitors must register and pay before the deadlines listed above. Exhibitors may pay online through the application form, or request an invoice which also has an electronic payment option. The Clarendon Alliance may, at its sole discretion, consider allowing a late applicant to participate, however a $100 late fee will be applied, in addition to the regular fees.   In short, payments must be received by the CA before an Exhibitor will be allowed to set up and operate.

If you have any questions about becoming an Exhibitor at Clarendon Day, please send an email to