One-Day Temporary Food Permits

The Clarendon Alliance must provide Temporary One Day Food Permits for each food vendor at Clarendon Day, except that all Chili Cookoff competitors will be grouped under a single set of permits.  ALL PERMITS MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE VENDORS, SIGNED, AND DELIVERED TO THE CLARENDON ALLIANCE OFFICE BY FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 8.   We are required to submit the forms, and the appropriate payment, to the Arlington County Health Department at least 10 days prior to the event.  If a food vendor fails to provide the CA with the required permit information, the vendor will not be allowed to participate at Clarendon Day. The CA will not offer refunds to food vendors who fail to supply their permit information prior to the submission deadline.

Please click here for a link to the permit application,  It has been updated from prior years. Please fill it out and send by email ( or by fax (703) 527-4701 to the Clarendon Alliance no later than September 8.  If you already have a food permit–for example, food truck operators–send us that permit.

The Clarendon Alliance pays the $40 fee out of your registration, and we provide hand-washing stations for you.

Finally, here are answers to certain questions on the form:

  • Event Name:  Clarendon Day
  • Event Location: Streets adjacent to Clarendon Metro
  • Event Date:  September 23
  • Event Time:  11am- 6pm
  • Food Set-up time: 9am
  • Floors: Asphalt
  • Overhead Protection: Tent
  • Hand-washing: Provided by Clarendon Alliance
  • Water Service: Potable water on-site by Clarendon Alliance
  • Garbage Disposal:  By Clarendon Alliance
  • Liquid waste Disposal: On-site by Clarendon Alliance