Advisory Groups & Commissions

Arlington County Government promotes consensus-building to help ensure that all stakeholders have the chance to influence the outcome of issues of concern to them.  This is often referred to as “The Arlington Way.”

The County Board has established approximately 50 standing Advisory Groups to increase community input to the Board and to enable the County Board to focus more clearly on community needs and problems. In addition, ad hoc committees and task forces are established for limited terms to focus on projects of immediate concern.

The Board seeks to reflect the broad diversity of the Arlington community in order to bring all segments of the community into full partnership with the Arlington County government. The County Board appoints citizens for specific term lengths, usually three years. Although there may not currently be a vacancy on a group you may be interested in, terms are staggered so that vacancies occur on a regular basis.  Click here to submit an application for appointment.

The following list of Boards and Advisory Groups may be incomplete.  Please submit corrections or updates to the Clarendon Alliance.