Registrar of Voters

The Electoral Board and the Office of Voter Registration are responsible for maintaining an accurate list of registered voters and conducting elections in a fair, equitable, and accurate manner in Arlington County.

Current members of the Electoral Board, their political party affiliations, and their current positions are as follows:

  • Charlene N. Bickford (D), Chairman
  • W. Scott McGeary (R), Vice Chairman
  • Allen H. Harrison, Jr. (R), Secretary

The three-member Electoral Board is appointed by the Circuit Court, typically on recommendations made by the local political parties. Two members of the Board represent the political party of the current governor, while the third member represents the party that had the second-highest number of votes statewide in the last gubernatorial election.

Linda Lindberg was appointed General Registrar for Arlington County in 2003, after having served since 1994 as Deputy Registrar. She has served several terms as co-chair of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ Election Officials Technical Committee, is active the Voter Registrars’ Association of Virginia and has provided assistance on a number of special projects and task forces for the Virginia State Board of Elections, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, and the Election Center/National Association of Election Officials.

Prior to being employed by Arlington County , Linda worked in arts administration for about 15 years, first as a practitioner and later for a data systems vendor. She holds a bachelor’s degree in theater and arts management from Miami University (Ohio) and a Master of Public Administration degree from George Mason University.