Office of the Magistrate

Magistrates are independent judicial officers who work directly for the Supreme Court of Virginia, Office of the Executive Secretary. The principal function of the magistrate is to provide an independent, unbiased review of complaints of criminal conduct brought to the office by law enforcement or the general public.

Magistrate duties include issuing various types of processes such as arrest warrants, summonses, bonds, search warrants, and medical detention orders. Magistrates also conduct bail hearings in instances in which an individual is arrested on a warrant charging him or her with a criminal offense. Magistrates provide services 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Robert D. Hellyer, Chief Magistrate
  • Francis Nauheimer
  • Bruce Adam
  • Lisa Zandel
  • George Yaksick, Jr.
  • Devan Kirk
  • Mark McNally
  • Scott Scher

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Office Of the Magistrate

2020 N. 15th Street

Arlington, VA 22201

Information: 703-228-3962

On Duty Magistrate: 703-228-3961