Commissioner of Revenue

The Commissioner of Revenue is the tax assessing officer for Arlington County, for all property except real estate.  Ingrid Morroy was first elected as Commissioner in November 2003 and assumed office in January 2004.  She was re-elected in November 2007.

The Commissioner is responsible for discovering personal property (cars, motorcycles, boats) and business property (computers and office furniture) in the jurisdiction, and assessing them equitably. In addition, the Commissioner is responsible for administering business taxes such as business license tax, and custodial taxes such as restaurant tax, short-term rental tax, transient occupancy tax, and others. The Commissioner is also responsible for assisting taxpayers with their state income tax returns.

The Commissioner of Revenue has also created a “Customer Advocate” to assist taxpayers, as well as a DMV Select service to enable Arlington residents to title and register vehicles at the County and State level at one time.

The Commissioner’s office is located at the 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 200.  Click here for phone numbers and emails for various departments within the Commissioner’s office.