Website Help

Introduction: The CA website is intended to be a communication tool for Clarendon-area businesses and community groups.

On our website, you can:

  • Register to get access to the CA website
  • Make a post to the front page of the website
  • Add events to the website calendar
  • Make a payment to the Clarendon Alliance

But you can’t do anything (except Make a Payment) if you are not logged-in, so the first thing you need to do is this:

Get a User Name and PasswordIn order to make a front-page post, or to add events to the calendar, you must be logged into the website.  To log-in, you need a User Name and a Password.  To get a User Name and Password, you have to register.

If you have become a Member of the Clarendon Alliance in the past couple of weeks, you’ve already entered your user name and password as part of the Membership Application.  You can use them to log-in.  If you filled these fields out, you should get an email within an hour of filling out the form.  The email will have a link.  Click on it–and your registration is activated.  You can log in and post to the front page or to the calendar.  The exception is if you sign up as a Residential Member.  Only businesses can sign up to post to the front page or to the calendar.

Username & password on registration form











If you registered for membership a while ago, or are not currently a member, you can still use the website features.  Click on “Register & Post”–>  “Register to add events to the CA Website” and this form should appear: CA Website registration form

Fill out the form.  You will get an email with a link.  Click on the link and that activates your account.  Use the User Name and Password you selected to  log-in.

Logging-in:  Click on the Log-in button in the top (orange) menu.  This screen should appear:

Clarendon . org › Log In Screen Use your User Name and Password to log in.  You should be directed to the front page of the CA website, but your mileage may vary.  To get to the front page, click on the Clarendon Alliance logo.

Making a post to the front page of the website:

Front Page posts are great ways to feature your event or activity.  They appear in the front page slider, and they look like this:

Clarendon Events in front page slider example
Here is a submission that Wylie Wagg sent to the CA by email. Had they typed it up themselves, the byline would be Wylie Wagg–and that’s what we want.

We can (and will) change the number of posts in the slider as circumstances warrant.  As front page posts “age”, they move farther and farther down the front page, until they “disappear”.  But they don’t actually disappear.  You (and search engines) can always find them under the Categories widget and the Authors widget on our website.

The trickiest thing might be adding images, but it’s not hard.  When you click on the “Choose File” it will open a file on your computer which allows you to navigate to the folder(s) where your image files exist.  Select the image, and (in Windows) click “Open” and it will add the image to the website.  You can add multiple images, (Ctrl-click/Shift-click, or the Apple equivalent) and when your are done, click “Open” (or the Apple equivalent).  There is a 2 mb upload limit, so keep that in mind.

The slider image is 660 x 300 pixels, so if you have the choice to edit your image and save it on your computer before you upload it to the website, you may want to do that.  That way, you control the image we have to work with.  We will edit your image as best we can if it needs to be re-sized.  Please keep in mind we can make images smaller, and we will crop them as best we can, but we can’t make a too-small image look good. Our site accepts all the usual image formats: jpg, png, gif.  

Here is the form that will appear when you click on Post your Special Event.

The form to submit your event is easy to use
The form to submit your event is easy to use

Add events to the website calendar:

When you are logged-in to the CA website, if you click on the CA Calendar button, when the Clarendon Calendar loads, there will be a green button that says “+Post Your Event”  Click that, and a form will appear: calander entry instructions Three things to keep in mind:

  1. ALL the calendar events will be published on the “CA Calendar” (and as events are added, we will improve the “Posterboard” layout.  
  2. To have your event show in the tabbed calendar on the front page, you must make the proper “categories” choice.  If you want your event on “Daily Specials”, you MUST pick Specials, Food Specials, or Happy Hours.  We know Virginia law does not allow you to post your own Happy Hours, so we will be systematically adding them ourselves, as we can.  Special Event Categories currently include:
  • Arlington County
  • Festivals & Street Fairs
  • Fundraisers
  • George Mason University
  • Public Markets
  • Public Meetings

All of the other categories show up on the CA Calendar page.  This is a work in progress, so if we are categorizing things improperly, please let us know here.

Making a Payment to the Clarendon Alliance: By now, most of our registration forms include a credit card/debit card secure payment form.  From time to time, however, members or others need a secure way to make a payment to the CA.  Here’s how:  Scroll to the very bottom of the Clarendon Alliance website–there is a third, orange menu bar.  Click on “Make a Payment” and fill in the form.

Report a Problem: If you have technical issues with our website, send us an email, or click here to submit a report on the issue.